MINIKRITIKA | Martyn Ford: The How To Be British Collection & The How To Be British Collection Two (The How To Be British Collection #1 #2)

With a globalised mass culture standardising our food, our social customs and even our language, where can the overseas visitor find a truly British experience? The answer lies in the How To Be British Collection, which celebrates the traditional values of our reserved, polite, pet-loving, tea-drinking nation — values which have long made Britain ‘different’.

The willingness of the Brit to forgo the football, the day trip, or even the long lie-in, for the pleasures of putting on a pair of paint-splattered trousers and covering the sofa in dust sheets is something very puzzling to foreign observers. Unsure whether our national character still exists? Reassurance is at hand. Following the remarkable success of the first How To Be British Collection, this second book turns the spotlight on yet more of our cultural curiosities – from kings and queens to kilts and custard. With its celebration of our endearing and enduring oddities, The How To Be British Collection Two will amuse and delight Brit-watchers everywhere.

Aranyos kis könyv, de ettől sokkal több is. Hiszen tele van érdekes információkkal, amelyek az író vicces és olvasmányos módon közvetít. Ha tanár lennék, ezekkel a kis kártyákkal szívesen tanítanám a gyerekeknek, hogy milyen a brit kultúra.

★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10)
★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10)

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