David Almond - The Savage


Mysterious and utterly mesmerizing, this graphic-novel-within-a-novel pairs the extraordinary prose of David Almond with the visual genius of Dave McKean.

Blue Baker is writing a story — not all that stuff about wizards and fairies and happily ever after — a real story, about blood and guts and adventures, because that's what life's really like. At least it is for Blue, since his dad died and Hopper, the town bully, started knocking him and the other kids around. But Blue's story has a life of its own — weird and wild and magic and dark — and when the savage pays a nighttime visit to Hopper, Blue starts to wonder where he ends and his creation begins.

It won't be a long review..
The cover is disgusting.
I understood they wanted to give the fake impression of a child's diary or written story or anything, but a text with this much misspelling is really boring and nerve-wrecking.
One star goes to Dave McKean anyway.

«¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶¶ (1/10)

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