MINIKRITIKA || Non Pratt - Trouble

A boy. A girl. A bump. Trouble. A smart, touching and funny contemporary young adult book from an extraordinary new talent.

Hannah’s smart and funny … she’s also fifteen and pregnant. Aaron is new at school and doesn’t want to attract attention. So why does he offer to be the pretend dad to Hannah’s unborn baby? Growing up can be trouble but that’s how you find out what really matters.

Számomra kicsit a Juno című filmhez hasonlít, szóval akinek az a film tetszett, annak ez a könyv is fog. :) Nagyon érdekes volt, csípős beszólásokkal, vagány szereplőkkel és egy megdöbbentő végkifejlettel.

Kedvenc idézetek

"She spits in my face and everything’s quiet as I hurry to wipe it off. I can’t help myself: “At least your boyfriend had the decency to aim a little lower last time I sucked him off,”"

"In the back of my mind I always thought I’d go and get an abortion. Simples. The reality? Not so simples. This is life and death we’re talking about. I mean, I don’t think you exist until you’re born, not properly, but there is something in there and it’s something that matters. If babies in the womb didn’t count until they came out then no one would give pregnant people who smoke funny looks, or tut too loudly when they have a drink. There wouldn’t be all these rules and guidelines about what’s good for the baby if the baby didn’t matter at all. But is it alive ? Would I be killing it?"

"Since Katie’s decided she’s in a mood with me, I’ve been concentrating on how to tell my mum. I’ve tried, I really have. But I can’t work out when to do it: 
* over dinner: This casserole is lovely. The beans look like tiny little foetuses. FYI, I’m growing one of those. Foetuses, not beans . 
* in the car with Lola singing in the back: Hey, Lolly, shush a minute. So, Mum, did I mention I’m pregnant? Please don’t drive into that wheelie bin. Or that postman. Or the side of that house . 
* in the middle of a homework/school work/too-much-time-going-out argument: NONE OF THAT SHIT MATTERS, MOTHER! I’M PREGNANT, ALL RIGHT? 
I know it sounds spineless, but I’m scared of how she’ll react. 
You see, Mum’s a nurse. 
At the Family Planning Clinic. 
Yeah. I know."

★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10

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