Sara Shepard - Ali's Pretty Little Lies (Pretty Little Liars #0,5)

Before there was A, there was Alison DiLaurentis. Boys wanted to date her, girls wanted to be her, and somebody wanted her dead. . . .

It's the end of seventh grade, and Alison DiLaurentis and her friends are the girls of Rosewood Day. Ali runs her clique with an iron fist, and she's got enough dirt on Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Spencer to keep them in line. But Ali's hiding a dark secret of her own, something so huge it would destroy everything if it ever got out. She's desperate to keep the perfect life she's worked so hard to build, but in Rosewood deadly secrets have deadly consequences. . . .

Set in the weeks leading up to Ali's murder, this special Pretty Little Liars tale is told by the prettiest little liar of all: Ali herself. For the first time ever, we see how the mystery began . . . and how Alison DiLaurentis's life ended.

Ez a kötet...ez ad értelmet az egész sorozatnak, egy olyan információt tartalmaz, ami mindent, szó szerint mindent megváltoztat, amit Sara Shepard leírt azt ezt követő kötetekben. Nem is fogok belemenni a részletekbe, mert az már nagyon erősen spoileres bejegyzés lenne.

Ajánlom nektek, hogy olvassátok el ezt a részt, mert nagyon izgalmas és alapjaiban rengeti meg azt, amit eddig gondoltatok a sorozatról. Ha elfogadtok egy tanácsot, a Wicked után olvassátok el, mert akkor kezdenek összefutni a szálak.

Rettentően ördögi húzás volt Shepardtól az, amit ebben a könyvben művelt, de imádtam!

Kedvenc idézetek

"She walked over to her books, gathered them up in her arms, and marched angrily out of the room, dropping a few index cards as she went. She didn’t come back to pick them up, and Ali stared at her neat, even handwriting. Svengali , it said. Definition: person who, with evil intent, controls another person by persuasion or deceit. The Svengali may feign kindness and use manipulation to get the other person to yield his or her autonomy. 
That’s me , Ali thought grimly. It’s who my family has turned me into."

"Kate’s wearing one of those bikinis that goes up her butt. It’s not like my dad would let me wear one of those.” 
It’s not like you’d look good in one of those, either , Ali thought, but she didn’t dare say it."

"“Maybe I’ve changed,” Ali teased. “You said yourself that I’d really grown up.” 
Nick didn’t look convinced. “So you’re not a Miss Popular, gets-everything-she-wants, loves-manicures-and pedicures, has-a-huge-group-of-friends, and is-good-at-everything-she-does kind of girl anymore?” 
Ali peered over the bush, but no one was in view. That was absolutely the image she wanted to project, the perfect Alison she needed to be. But suddenly, she wanted Nick to know that she was more than that. Deeper. “For your information, I don’t like mani-pedis,” she admitted. 
Nick widened his eyes. “Shocker!” he said in mock horror. “I’ll alert the press.”"

"A kiss for Ian Thomas was hardly the worst thing in the world."

★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10)

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