MINIKRITIKA | A. O. Esther - Lost Souls (Shattered Glories #1)

In the wars that rage between Heaven and Hell the greatest battles of all are waged within the heart... When angel Sophiel is instructed to head down from Heaven to save the souls of the dead on Earth, she finds herself at the centre of a war with the dark angels. Stripped of her celestial form and mortally wounded Sophiel comes face to face with Elijah, the angel of fire, and is in grave danger … until Elijah saves her. Carrying her to safety and away from his army of mercenaries, Elijah and Sophiel find themselves drawn to one another. Can they face the evil Magus together? Amongst his soldiers and courtesans, how much will Elijah risk to keep Sophiel alive? Torn from The Forest- and Sky-Dwellers who call themselves her kin, and held in a human body driven by desires she doesn’t understand, can Sophiel trust the Dark Angel at the centre of everything she has been sent to bring to an end?

Még soha nem olvastam olyan könyvet, ami eredetileg magyar nyelvű volt, és így fordították angolra - mindig csak fordítva. Ezért nekem elég furcsa volt ez a könyv. A. O. Esther könyveit részben a gyönyörű fogalmazásmódja miatt szeretem, de szóvirágai, amik magyarul a szívemhez szólnak, angolul kicsit furcsának tűnnek. Persze egy külföldinek, akinek nincs összehasonlítási alapja, biztosan gyönyörűek. Csak nekem kell még ehhez hozzászoknom. A történetet most nem értékelném, azt már megtettem a magyar változatnál. :)

Kedvenc idézetek

'Those you are so vehemently defending aren't nearly as good as you think they are. Not to mention those false Prophets. Most of the belong in Hell – as you'll soon discover.' 'Belong in Hell?' I asked incredulously, becoming more and more annoyed by his arrogance. 'Where does that leave you? There's more blood on your hands than on any others. How can you be so cruel?' He laughed bitterly. 'I am the way this world deserves me to be.'

I put my faith in the strength given me by God and my determination to stand my ground, even here on Earth.
★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

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