MINIKRITIKA | 30 Interactive Brainteasers to Warm Up your Brain

„30 Interactive Brain teasers to Warm Up your Brain” is a mini edition by Puzzleland, containing 30 easy brain teasers to get your mind warmed up for the day!
This little fun book is ideal for teens and adults who look for some creative ways to spend their free time, entertain their mind or simply keep themselves busy while waiting in public locations!
The difficulty level of the brainteasers in this mini collection is appropriate for beginner teens or adults, and even for smart kids.
This book is specially formatted to provide clues, simply with a click, before providing the answer! You can ask for a clue before seeing the answer which is really great and makes the game a lot more fun!

Ingyenes volt az Amazonon, így hát letöltöttem. Leendő mérnökként imádom a logikai vagy gondolkodást igénylő dolgokat. Nem számítottam semmi extrára.

"A father is sent to jail and the mother will have to sell her hotel. But their 16 year old daughter is laughing and looks happy and excited. If they all love each other more than anything in the world, and no one has a mental disorder, how can you explain the girl's attitude?"

Meg kell mondanom, hogy a 30 fejtörőből még egyel sem találkoztam azelőtt, pedig ez elég ritka eset. Nagyon tetszettek, voltak benne kicsit unalmasak és kiemelkedően érdekesek. Megérte azt a három és fél percet, amit elvett az életemből :)

★★★★★★★★★★ (10/10)

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