Keddi Top10 #181 - Kedvenc sorozatos idézetek

Kedvenc sorozatos idézetek

  1. "Tudom, hogy nincs gyereked. De meg kellene nézned pár természetfilmet. Látnod kell, mi történik, ha valaki az anya és a gyereke közé áll. Nem szép látvány." (Katonafeleségek)
  2. "Marge: …And the plant called and said that if you don't come in tomorrow, don't bother coming in Monday.
    Homer: WOOHOO! Four day weekend." (Simpson család)
  3. "Andrew: Do you guys believe in the One? (…) Like soulmates.
    Stu: Dude, these are programmers. They only believe in logic and math." (A to Z)
  4. "Tears to mean girls are like blood to a shark." (Mistresses)
  5. "Though we may come from different countries and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one." (Harry Potter és a Tűz Serlege)
  6. "It is only passion that makes life worth living." (Mistresses)
  7. "Rogelio: Jane, do you doubt my babysitting skills? Because you have asked me to watch Mateo before.
    Narrator: Only to be nice. And only when she knew he wasn't available." (Jane the Virgin)
  8. "Dan: Why are you here?
    Alec: What, a guy can't buy a friend a bottle of champagne and not expect anything in return?
    Dan: Not if his name is Alec Rybak." (Lying Game)
  9. " - I gotta say this crappy motel room isn't exactly the ideal place for studying Faulkner
    - Yeah. Maybe if we talked louder, the hookers next door would learn something." (Lying Game)
  10. "Jane: You! Any thoughts on the quote?
    Matt: I haven't gotten to that part in the book yet.
    Jane: It's the first line." (Jane the Virgin)

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