George Simenon - Maigret and the Gangsters (Maigret #39)

Chicago gangsters in the fifties of Paris! Reckoning on the street, a dead body dumped out of a car, forgotten boxers and desperate mafia in the haunt of parisian-american colony. Maigret might know the methods of the mafia well, but he can't find a way to bust the offenders. He can't let the gangsters mess with Lognon, the well-known twit policeman, and shoot at officers in dark alleys... Of course, Maigret is not a violent man, and altough he carries a gun, he still likes using the old methods: eating calf florentine style at the haunt of suspicious men, drinks beer, inverstigates, talks, sits at bars and visits the Manhattan for a whiskey too. While the pieces start to stick together, the tension grows: will he find the two wanted killers, the unscrupulous Charlie and Cinaglia?

The worldwide known Maigret-series, which was translated to 55 languages and adapted to the movie screens is a series of books which takes place at the same city, with the same protagionists, but can be enjoyed even if you start with the last book of the series. I haven't read any books from Simneon yet, but I won this book on a publisher's giveaway and gave it a go.

Simneon's story takes us to the fifties of Paris, where there is a growing amount of crime and homicide. Maigret meets the case accidentally and altough he has already solved a lot of cases, he might fail in this one.

I can't really write a lot about a short novel like this, but if you like crime novels, you might read this one, altough it was a bit light, slow for me.

Értékelés:     (7/10)

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