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Retailers, restaurants, and tech support providers believe service is king, but in The Customer Is Not Always Right, A.J. Adams proves that customers will do anything they can to put that motto to the test.

Readers get a collection of insights and stories from the popular Web site The book and site showcase customer-relations horror stories everyone can relate to. No matter what side of the counter you're on, there are hilarious tales about everything that can go wrong between the customer and retail or service provider. Whether it's a confrontation in the drive-through over not enough fries or arguing over a one-cent price difference on milk, this book proves the principle of „the customer is always right” can be dead wrong.

From groaning, to intense complaining, to situations that leave workers asking, „Are you serious?,” readers will enjoy these hilarious tales of customers gone wrong.

Vannak benne vicces és kevésbé vicces történetek. Most már csak azért is szeretnék a kereskedelemben dolgozni, hogy megtudjam, tényleg vannak-e ilyenek, vagy csak fikció ez a sok rémtörténet. :D

Kedvenc idézetek

"CUSTOMER : “I’d like two tickets for [movie], please.” 
COWORKER : “That movie is rated R. Can I see your ID?” 
CUSTOMER : *shows an ID that states she is eighteen* 
COWORKER : “You need to be twenty-one in order to purchase an R-rated ticket for someone else.” 
CUSTOMER : “But it’s for my son!” 
COWORKER : “How old is your son?” 
CUSTOMER : “Sixteen …” 
COWORKER : “So you’re eighteen … and you have a sixteen-year-old son?” 
CUSTOMER : “That’s right!” 
COWORKER : “Let me get my manager …” 
MANAGER : “Ma’am, you need to be twenty-one to purchase a ticket for a minor.”
CUSTOMER : “But he’s my son!” 
MANAGER : “You’re telling me you gave birth when you were two years old?” 
CUSTOMER : “Yes! It happens, I promise you!”"

"ME : “Hello?” 
CALLER : “Hi, I’d like a #9 and—” 
ME : “Uh, excuse me?” 
CALLER : “That was a #9.” 
ME : “This isn’t a sandwich store.” 
CALLER : “No? Where am I calling?” 
ME : “My … house?” 
CALLER : “Oh. Can you make me a sandwich anyway?”"

"CUSTOMER: “What is the ugliest wrapping paper you have?” 
ME: “Excuse me?” 
CUSTOMER: “This teapot is for my mother-in-law, and I do NOT want it to look nice.”"

"LADY: “Excuse me, could you decorate this cake for me?” 
ME: “I’m sorry, ma’am. My shift is over, and the bakery is closed.” 
LADY: “But I need it done for tomorrow! If you don’t do it, I’ll call your manager!” 
ME: “Ma’am, what do you do for a living?” 
LADY: “I’m a dentist…” 
ME: “Would you like to look at my teeth after your shift ends, for free?” 
LADY: “That’s different. My job is hard. Anyone could do your job.” 
ME: “Then you won’t mind taking that cake home and decorating it yourself.”"

★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10)

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